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About intraHouse System

intraHouse System is a software for building automation and Smart Home system


The IntraHouse system is a constructor. You can build your own unique interfaces without the knowledge of programming languages.

Connectable devices

To the intraHouse system, you can connect any sensors and actuators with the appropriate drivers (plug-ins). The number of devices is not limited.


The system can be installed locally on your server or in the cloud.

Remote control

The ability to access the system without a dedicated IP address via P2P protocol


The user interface works on the HTML5 protocol. As control panels work any device (PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones) with web browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The number of control panels is unlimited.


Система intraHouse может быть установлена на любом компьютере с операционными системами Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.

Open platform

The intraHouse system is developed on the basis of the open software Node.js and React.js


The IntraHouse system encrypts the communication channel between the server and the control panels.


intraHouse Lite


For private use in Smart Home systems

intraHouse Pro


Extended version of the system

intraHouse SCADA


For building automation system

Examples of user interfaces

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