Сompare of configurations

Web interface for developer (Project Manager)

The intraHouse system has a graphical web interface for configuring automation systems.
• Setting up the project structure (levels, zones and devices)
• Setting up scripts
• Configuring plugins and connection channels to equipment

Customization of user interfaces for devices  is done in Drag & Drop mode

User web interface

The user interface works in web browsers on personal computers, tablets and smartphones. The number of control panels is unlimited.

The event log
The system supports a detailed log of events, where all the system options can be reflected: device switching, sensor status change, registration of user actions.

Notifications about events (Alerts)
When an event occurs, a notice is displayed on the control panel screen. Opening it, you can see the full information about the event.

Geographic map
Working with a geographic map allows you to arrange the placement of objects on the map in accordance with geographical coordinates.

Working with databases
The intraHouse system is able to work without database management systems. But to work with data archives and graphs, a database is needed.

Display of operational and historical information in the form of graphs.

User Rights Management
You can create multiple user profiles and distribute them to different groups (administrators / system managers / ordinary users) who will have different rights for monitoring, viewing and management.

Encryption of communication channel
Provides an encrypted communication channel between the server and control panels (PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

Active Journal
The active log allows you to display messages about the status of devices and sensors. This log is useful for control system operators (SCADA). Unlike the event log, in the active log the device and sensor status records appear in emergency situations. After the device has normalized, the entry in the active log disappears.

Acknowledgment of messages
Acknowledgment from the operator that he saw and took note of the message about the event or emergency.

Receiving reports on the state of the system for any period. Sending reports by e-mail in PDF format. Sending reports to the system for collecting information in CSV format.