Custom widgets


Using custom widgets, you can create your own control panels and states.
Custom widgets are placed on the screens.

Customize custom widgets

Widgets toolbar

  1. List of editable custom widgets
  2. Save
  3. Cancel
  4. Add element to widget
  5. Copy element
  6. Delete element
  7. Copy element style
  8. Apply element style
  9. Snap to Grid
  10. Element properties

Create a new widget

In the “Project Structure/Visualization/List of Widgets” section, click the “+” button and add a widget.

Edit widget

Select a widget to edit from the list of available.
If you select a newly created widget, it will be empty and look like the image below:

When you click on the “+” button, a window pops up with lists of available items.
You can put Devices and Primitives on the widget:



Placing elements on the widget

Using the drag & drop method, drag the necessary elements onto the widget:

If you hover over the lower right corner, you can change the size of the element.

Element properties

Click on any element on the widget. The pop-up properties of the item with tabs will appear:


Customize the appearance of the container element.


Customize the appearance of the contents of the element.


Setting element parameters.


Setting element coordinates.