General issues about the intraHouse system

You can start by trying intraHouse system on our site in the Demo section

User Name: admin
User Password: admin

For safety purposes, it is recommended to change the login and password before installation the intraHouse system!

Sure. You’ll only need a device with Linux OS.
intraHouse system can work in a virtual mode, without any hardware.
You can configure the system (levels, zones, devices), arrange all the devices on your layouts using the simple drag and drop. Then, configure the behavior of devices through scenes. Now you can test it.
Later, it will be enough just to add a plugin (a software module) for the equipment you have, and the system will continue its operation in real-time.

The intraHouse Lite system can be installed on an unlimited number of devices.
The intraHouse Pro or intraHouse SCADA system with one license key can only be installed on one device This applies to the server side of the system.
The user interface can be installed and run on an unlimited number of devices.

Yes. In any of your projects, except Project Manager, you can set your own logo.

For your smart home server, you can use any device with Linux OS.

System requirements:

  • RAM: at least 1 Gb
  • Memory capacity of HDD (or SSD, for SD card) at least 8 Gb (16 or more is recommended for data storage)

You can connect any number of sensors and actuators without license restrictions. Limitations can only be related to the power of your server.