The intraHouse system supports work with raster and vector images.
At a set of delivery there is a library of images. These are mainly images of devices in vector format. The advantages of vector images are the possibility of wide scaling without loss of image quality.

Add image

1. To add a new image, press the “+” button

2. In the properties window, click the image download button.
The following formats are supported: png, jpeg, gif, svg

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Type — Select a type from the list (device icon or image). Used in the Project Manager for convenience.
  • Group — Select a group of images from the list. Used in the Project Manager for convenience.

4. To save, press the green button with a floppy disk.


1. Image file size.

Minimize file size using image optimization programs. The smaller the file size, the better. This is especially true of background images and floor plans.
The recommended image file size for device icons is no more than 10kB.
The recommended size of the image file for mimic diagrams, floor plans and backgrounds is no more than 500kB
Images with large file sizes will work. But perhaps with some delays.

2. Sizes of images.

The recommended image size in png and jpeg formats for device icons is 40x40px. For large screens you can do 60x60px.
The recommended image size for plans and graphics is 1200x800px. This is only a recommendation. For different screens and different solutions there may be other sizes.