The Navigator widget is intended for organizing transitions between mimic diagrams (levels, zones, subsystems) and between graphs:

Below is the procedure for installing and configuring the Navigator widget for working with mimic diagrams.
Configuring the Navigator widget for graphs is similar.

Work with the Navigator

It is required to switch the mimic diagrams in the “Mimic Container” depending on the floors and subsystems.

For example, there is the following set of mimic diagrams:

Set to the screen “Mimic Container” with the default mimic diagram “Light 1 floor”:

Place the Navigator widget on the screen:

  • Press the “+” button
  • In the window of available widgets select the tab “System”
  • Select the “Navigator” widget and drag & drop it to the screen.

Click on the Navigator widget and go to the Parameters tab in the properties window:

Object – an object on the screen with which the Navigator will work. For mimic diagrams, this will be “Mimic Diagram Container ”.
Assignment – that will switch. For example, Subsystems.
Composition – which elements will switch. For example, lighting, climate and safety.

Go to the Element tab and customize the appearance of the Navigator:

First of all, you can adjust the size of the button so that all the buttons fit in the navigator window.
After that, you can adjust the background color, text color, etc.

If the navigator window is empty, despite the fact that all the settings you have made, then you have not entered the name and image in the Subsystem settings:

Configuring the Navigator widget for Levels, Zones and Charts is done in the same way.