IntraHouse Kiosk

Application for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system

License: intraHouse

Purpose of the system

The intraHouse Kiosk application is intended for use in automation systems in conjunction with the intraHouse system.

IntraHouse Kiosk installation

The intraHouse Mobile application can be installed from Google Play

After installation of the application you will see a window with settings:

1. Url – the address of the site (system). The address must begin with http: // or https: //

2. Start automatically on boot device – set if automatic application launch is required when the device (tablet) is restarted.

3. Unlock screen automatically on boot device – set so that after a reboot, no password was requested to enter the device (tablet).

4. Keep screen on – disable screen blanking.

5. Full screen – application work in full screen.

6. Kiosk mode

Additional settings in the intraHouse system

In the Access / Accounts settings for the mobile interface, you can select the start screen when downloading the application:

With this option, you have the opportunity to make different interfaces for different users (accounts).