IntraHouse Lite

Software platform for automation systems.

License: MIT

Purpose of the system

Light Control
Climate Control
Irrigation Control
Gate Control

The intraHouse Lite system is designed for use in small automation systems. The system has no limitations on the number of connected devices and control panels.

To connect different devices you need to install plugins (software modules) for communication with the equipment (MQTT, Wago, Xiaomi …).
In addition to the plugins for the equipment, there are service plugins. These plugins are designed for the extension of the system functional. For example, the P2P plugin will allow you to remotely manage the system without having a dedicated IP address. And the CCTV plugin will allow you to get streaming video from IP cameras using the RSTP protocol.

Installing the intraHouse Lite system

The intraHouse system can be installed on any device with Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

To install the intraHouse system, type this command in the terminal:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash

After installation, you will see a string with the system address. It will look like this:, where is the address of the server with the installed system.

At this the installation of the intraHouse Lite system is completed.

Other installation options can be found here.