intraHouse Pro


License key for intraHouse Pro configuration.

License: intraHouse

Application - Smart Home Systems

Summer House

The configuration of intraHouse Pro is based on the intraHouse Lite system with additional extensions. Read here.

Installing the intraHouse Pro system

The intraHouse system can be installed on any device with Linux and Mac OS X 

Before installing the intraHouse Pro system, you need to install the intraHouse Lite system.

1. Install the intraHouse Lite system

To install the intraHouse system, type this command in the terminal:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash

After installation, you will see a string with the system address. It will look like this:, where is the address of the server with the installed system.

At this the installation of the intraHouse Lite system is completed.

Other installation options can be found here

2. Login with intraHouse System

On any computer in the browser (Chrome, Safari …) enter the address of the system:

In the account window enter your name and password.

Default: admin / admin

3. Activate the license key for intraHouse Pro

In the system control panel (Dashboard) enter the key for the intraHouse Pro system and click the “Activate” button.

After activation, extensions for intraHouse Pro will be available.

4. Install MySQL

To work with the database and graphs, you must install MySQL

The installation procedure is shown here: MySQL database installation