MQTT Plugin

Download:  (10 KB)

License: MIT

Author: intraHouse

The MQTT Plugin is designed to work with equipment using the MQTT protocol.

Plugin installation

The plugin installation procedure is shown here

Plugin setup

Double click on the plugin line to open the plugin properties window.
On the Parameters tab, complete the following fields:

  1. IP address of the broker MQTT
  2. MQTT broker port

Click the Save button.

Adding channels (devices)

Press the button to call the channel list and select “Channel List”:

Press the “+” button
In the channel properties window, fill in the following fields:

1. Channel number. Any number. Channel numbers should not be repeated.
2. Channel type. Choose from the list.
3. Topic. Subscription on the state. For example:/devices/power_status/controls/Vin
4. Device. Select from the list of available devices.

For channels of type DI and AI, nothing more is required.

For channels of type DO and AO on the “Commands” tab, the following fields must be filled in:

1. Command. Choose from the list.
2. Topic to control. For example: /devices/wb-gpio/controls/EXT1_R3A1/on
3. Message.

As a result, the following commands are sent to the broker, for example:
To turn on: /devices/wb-gpio/controls/EXT1_R3A1/on 1
To turn off: /devices/wb-gpio/controls/EXT1_R3A1/on 0


You can check the work of the plugin in the debugger: