Ping Plugin

Download:  (5 KB)

License: MIT

The Ping plugin is designed to monitor network devices in the local and global network.

All devices in the network support the ICMP protocol, which allows you to universally monitor the presence and status of the device on the network. The Ping plugin allows you to make (ICMP Echo-Request) requests and receive incoming replies (ICMP Echo-Reply), which allows you to monitor the operation of routers, telephones, TVs, servers, ip-cameras, etc.

Plugin installation

The plugin installation procedure is shown here

Plugin setup

Plugin settings are not required.

Channel configure

Press the button to call up the channel list and select “Channel list”:

Create a channel to bind to the virtual device of the system:

Fill in the following fields:

  • Channel – unique channel number, the channel must begin with “ping_”
  • Device – select a device to associate with the channel.
  • IP address – enter the network address of the device.
  • Interval – the frequency of requests to the device.
  • Loss – counter of unsuccessful answers, for transfer to the status of “offline”.

Click the Save button.