Raspberry Pi 1-Wire Plugin

Download: Plugin-Raspberry-1Wire.zip  (5 KB)

License: MIT

Author: intraHouse

The Raspberry Pi GPIO Plugin is designed to work with DS18B20 temperature sensors connected to the GPIO4 input

Plugin installation

The plugin installation procedure is shown here

Settings on Raspberry Pi

For the plugin to work, you must log in to the Raspberry Pi over SSH and in the terminal do the following:

1. Edit file config.txt:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Add a line to the end of the file to enable the 1Wire protocol for 4 pins GPIO


2. Add additional modules:
w1-gpio (supports 1Wire protocol via GPIO ports) and
w1-therm (DS18B20 temperature sensor support module).

sudo modprobe w1-gpio
sudo modprobe w1-therm

3. Reboot Raspberry Pi

sudo reboot

Plugin setup

After installing the plugin, click the button to call the additional menu and select the item “Launch plugin”. No settings required.

Channels configure

Press the button to call up the channel list and select “Channel list”:

In the list of channels you will see a list of connected 1-Wire sensors.

Attention: If the channel list is empty, then there are no sensors connected.

To bind a channel (sensor) to a virtual device of the system:

  1. double click to open the channel properties window
  2. select a device from the list of available system devices


By default, the system substitutes the formula:

A number comes from the 1-Wire sensor. For example, 25375.
Divide by 100: (25375/100 = 253.75)
Round to integer: Math.round(value/100).
We get: 254
Divide by 10: (254/10 = 25.4)
As a result, from the channel we get the number 25.4