Raspberry Pi GPIO Plugin

Download: Plugin-Raspberry-GPIO.zip  (4 KB)

License: MIT

Author: intraHouse

The Raspberry Pi GPIO plugin is designed to work with discrete inputs/outputs (GPIO) of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer

Plugin installation

The plugin installation procedure is shown here

Plugin setup

After installing the plugin, it is immediately ready for use. No settings required.

Channel configure

Press the button to call up the channel list and select “Channel list”:

To bind a plug-in channel to a virtual device of the system:

  1. double click to open the channel properties window
  2. select channel type
  3. select a device from the list of available devices.

Channel types:

  • Input Pull-UP
  • Input Pull-Down
  • Output
  • Pulse Output

Connection diagrams for various types of inputs and outputs can be found here