Sensors Emulator Plugin

Download:  (6 KB)

License: MIT

Author: intraHouse

The plugin is designed to emulate the work of various sensors.

The plugin provides the generation of discrete and analog values from the specified minimum and maximum values with a specified frequency.

Plugin installation

The plugin installation procedure is shown here.

Plugin setup

After installing the plugin, it is immediately ready for use. No settings required.

Channel configure

Press the button to call up the channel list and select “Channel list”:

Add a channel by pressing the “+” button and fill in the channel properties fields:

  • Channel – The name of the channel. Any expression of letters and numbers.
  • Type – Select the type of channel. Analog Sensor or Digital Sensor.
  • Periodic – Refresh period of the value output
  • Min- minimum value
  • Max – maximum value
  • Delta – size of change of value
  • Device – Virtual device in the intraHouse system

Thus (as in the example above) a value from 20 to 35 with a periodicity of 1 second will be output to the virtual device STEMP1 and discrete increments of 0.5

Attention! After configuring the channels, you need to restart the plugin through the service command menu: