Project Manager

Project Manager (PM) – part of the system where automation projects are created and set up.

Menu items

Project structure

Setting up the composition of the project under development, visualization elements and other resources in a tabular form.


Setting up information display screens.

Screen is the main visualization element. The arrangement of various mimic diagrams (plans) and widgets is done on the screen.


Elements of system status control and display.

Widget examples:

  • user menu
  • panel with the buttons of transition between floors and objects of automation
  • status bar
  • graph
  • log
Mimic diagrams

Location of the plans of premises and mimic diagrams of technological processes.

Various devices (sensors, lamps, valves …) are placed on the mimic diagrams.

In addition to devices you can place images, texts, buttons and other elements on mimic diagrams.


The location of geo-referenced buttons and devices.


Scenes management section of system behaviour


Plugins control. Plugins are program modules that allows to extend the functionality of the system.


User access control.