Smart Home

Smart home is a home automation system that ensures intellectual and sustainable operation of all wired and wireless electrical appliances and devices inside a house or apartment. Those devices may belong to a variety of services such as lighting, air conditioning, heating, water supply and others.
Smart home can be controlled both locally and remotely (from a phone/tablet/computer). Smart home system does not only enhance convenience and comfort level but also tackles the issues of energy saving, safety and security.


Lighting control is the most widely used application of Smart Home systems.
An automated light system may comprise lighting fixtures installed inside a house, on its facade and outside a house.

  • Remote light control from a tablet/phone
  • Motion activated lighting (lights on/off based on motion sensors)
  • Scenario based activation/deactivation of lighting devices (e.g., for a party, movie, home performance, etc.)
  • Presence simulation: the system will turn on/off the lights in different rooms (blinds and curtains can also be involved in this scene) to make an impression that the owner is home

Climate Control

It is enough just to set the comfortable temperature by a click on your tablet/phone/computer (remotely or locally), and intraHouse system will provide harmonious and efficient interaction of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

  • Automated control based on schedule and scenes: e.g., a higher temperature for daytime and a lower temperature to cool down the air for comfortable sleep at night
  • Weather station can be connected to the system for online conrol of the ambient air humidity and temperature, wind speed, percipitation type (rain/snow), luminance level and other factors to trigger a relevant scene set in intraHouse system.
  • Air humidity and temperature sensor readings will be registered for further analysis (this can be critical for a home library, winevault, etc.)
  • Areas with different environments can be created in the same house (depending on the preferences of your family members, Intensity of use of a particular room, and other conditions),
  • Simultaneous operation of radiators and ACs will be automatically prevented
  • Ventilation system will work automatically according to the air quality sensors

Curtains and Blinds

Automated blinds, curtains and roller shutters contribute to more efficent use of daylight and heat.

Curtains and blinds control takes into consideration time of the day, the season and even the weather outside: intraHouse will draw the curtains for the night and thoughtfully open them in the morning to make your wake up comfortable and easy.

Here is an example of a scene triggered by security system activation: roller shades will automatically close, temperature will decrease, ventilation will switch to minimum, and notification (SMS or email) will be sent if roller shades are open while you are away.


Integration of all sensors and detectors in one system minimizes the risk of emergency and incident. intraHouse smart home system is capable of receiving and analayzing data from sensors, transmitting the data and automatically mobilizing other devices for emergency prevention.

Once a water leak detectorhas identified a leakage, the water cut-off valveswill set to work: intraHouse system will automatically stop water supply to prevent flood (the owner will still be able to remotely resume water supply after the leakage has been eliminated).

As soon as fire and smoke detectorshas reacted, intraHouse will automatically deenergize all electrical appliances, stop air intake and start air extraction to remove the smoke.

After detection of household gas traces, intraHouse may close the gas supply valveand activate the ventilation system (which is also relevant for a garage, if an exhaust gas detector is installed there).

In any case, the system will send notification (SMS, email or otherwise) to the owner and/or responsible people.


An integrated approach to home security will allow protection of your home from intrusion. A standard security system is a set of detectors, such as motion, door/window open/close and glass break. In addition to the standard features, intraHouse system brings additional value to the same detectors: e.g., as a window opens, the AC unit in the room will turn off; as an entrance door opens in cold weather, a hot air curtain will be activated.

As a door/window open/close detector or glass break detector triggers, an intrusion detection signal will be sent to the central security console, and the owner will get SMS/email notification. At the same time, the system will show the alarm condition in the status bar of the GUI (all the events will be registered in the system log).

Gate Control

You will no longer need a key to open and close the gate. Now you can control the gate from your phone or tablet, no worries about the key loss or failure.

You can remotely open/close the gate (for instance, when you want to let your firends in while you’re still away from home) and watch if the action was completed: the image from the videocamera installed at the entrance will be displayed in the interface.


You can create your own schedule to water the lawn or garden ourside your house. The system will not forget to do irrigation on time, based on the schedule and according to the percipitation: e.g., if it has rained, no watering will take place.

Irrigation can be activated (or cancelled) remotely, which is especially good for faraway facilities (a greenhouse or a garden near your country house or farm).

Smart Pool

If you have a pool inside or outside your house with the appropriate automation equipment in it, intraHouse will help you control the water in it: quality level, temperature, pool cover open/close. intraHouse will also participate in water conditioning based on a schedule or scene.

Electrical Sockets

In a hurry, millions of people forget to turn off an iron, oven or other domestic appliances as they leave their house. With intraHouse smart home system, you will not need to come back.

You can deenergize electrical sockets with one touch on your tablet or phone or create a scene for automatic cutout of the electrical sockets as you activate the burglar alarm system.

Smart Summer House

intraHouse system will take control of your summer house and garden. Just change your summer house mode to “I arrived”, and the system will make the house ready (proper inside temperature will be created) and the water will be warmed by boilers. Once the mode “I’m away” has been activated, the system will turn off all lights and set the temperature to “Economy” mode, for the optimal temperature and minimal energy consumption. In case of emergency the system will notify the owner with an SMS.
If the outside temperature falls dramatically, the system will drain water to prevent pipe rupture (in preservation mode).
Some ideas for your summer house:

  • schedule-based operation of ultrasonic repellents to scare away rats and other rodents
  • automatic irrigation, based on schedule or activated remotely (by one click on a smart phone or tablet)

Energy Efficiency

intraHouse smart home system sucessfully accomplishes a very critical task which is to exclude any unreasonable energy losses (e.g., resulting from excess heating of interior area, or lighting inside and outside the property while it is not occupied). The embedded scenes (you can add your own scenes to the existing ones) may cut operation costs to 15% to 40%. Below you can find examples of some energy saving solutions:

  • Lights on/off according to motion and occupancy sensors
  • Control of blinds and shades for the optimal use of daylight
  • Air conditioners automatically off with windows open
  • Analysis of power consumption graphs