intraHouse Cherry Versions

v4.4.9 (29.12.18)

  • Fixed bug when running scripts from the schedule

v4.4.8 (27.12.18)

Xiaomi Plugin - v0.0.31 (25.12.18)

Added parameters in plugin settings:

  • Set the time for automatic movement reset.
  • The ability to optionally add additional channels: battery level, power, final power, time of the latest data.

v4.4.6 (24.12.18)

v4.4.5 (12.12.18)

  • New Scripting API The previous API also remains operational.
  • When changing the language, the server is restarted
  • Added the ability to change the tab title in the authorization window
  • Fixed bug when logging in to one session with another login.

v4.4.4 (03.12.18)

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

HTTP-Client Plugin - v0.0.4 (16.11.18)

Published HTTP-Client plugin. It is intended for reading HTTP information from devices and resources in the local network and the Internet. Requirements for the version of the intraHouse system – not lower than 4.4.3

v4.4.3 (16.11.18)

  • Fixed inversion actuators
  • Improved strategies for storing data in the database. Saving in the database with a filter for the period (along with saving when changing with account of the delta, added the ability to save the selected or calculated value for the period: average, min, max, min & max)
  • Added implementation of the concept of smart plugins. Smart plugin fully forms the structure of channels, including hierarchical (parent-child)
  • Added the ability to edit tables with parent-child properties
  • Fixed a problem with the search when adding a device
  • Fixed problem with closing device properties

v4.4.2 (07.11.18)

  • Added the ability to disable parent styles in the HTML widget
  • Added the ability to manage caching of the device image (relevant for images with animation)
  • Added the ability to scale the control buttons in the Charts and Timeline widgets

v4.3.11 (29.10.18)

  • Added the ability to display the user name in the UI. System information widget – User name
  • Added a new log – connecting users to the system.

P2P plugin- v1.0.1 (26.10.18)

P2P plugin update.

v4.3.10 (19.10.18)

  • Added the ability to use the List of mnemonic schemes in the Navigator
  • Added ability to download images from zip archive
  • Fixed a bug and added functionality in column plots (sum, min, max)

Telegram Plugin - v0.0.6 (26.09.18)

Telegram plugin published. Designed to send messages from the intraHouse system to the Telegram messenger.

v4.3.7 (26.09.18)

  • Added a flag to hide the Enable / Disable buttons in the device menu
  • Lists of screen selections, menemes, maps, etc. in PM are sorted by name

v4.3.6 (18.09.18)

  • CCTV widget. Added error handling when connection is lost
  • Report widget added
  • Updated device selection field

Plugin MQTT - v0.0.8 (18.09.18)

Plugin MQTT published. Provides work with various devices under the MQTT protocol

v4.3.5 (22.08.18)

  • Windows support for intraHouse Pro and Scada versions

v4.3.4 (16.08.18)

  • Windows support for the intraHouse Lite version

v4.3.3 (09.08.18)

  • Fixed bug when installing CCTV widget on the screen

v4.3.2 (07.08.18)

  • Fixed bug with selecting devices in channels

v4.3.1 (03.08.18)

  • Added the ability to automatically switch the screen when idle for a specified time
  • Added the ability to make an entry in the database from the script
  • Added the ability to pass parameters to the script (from a button, for example)

v4.2.5 (30.07.18)

  • Fixed bug loading plugins menu.

v4.2.2 (27.07.18)

  • Added command menu in the plugin debugger
  • CCTV bugs fixed
  • Channel editing errors fixed

v4.2.1 (25.07.18)

  • Added mechanism for localization of plugins
  • The schedule adds the ability to launch device actions and group operations
  • Исправлена ошибка – не сохранялась уставка аналоговых устройств при перезагрузке сервера
  • Fixed CCTV widget logic, added the ability to switch cameras through the Navigator widget
  • Fixed bug when linking device to channel

v4.2.0 (16.07.18)

  • Added localization – switching the language of the interface.
  • The schedule adds the ability to run at dawn/sunset
  • Added system parameters for latitude-longitude for dawn / sunset operation
  • Added display of the CPU temperature in the system information
  • Added AUTO-REAVTO mechanism (aon / aoff commands, reset and auto recovery with manual switching)
  • A debugger has been added in the “Working scripts” section. Active timers and listeners are displayed for the active script
  • Added the “System Information” widget
  • Updated “Clock” widget
  • Added support for a new line in the primitive “Text”

v4.1.29 (16.06.18)

  • Added mechanism for working with the device property – “Auto”. For example, if the lamp was turned off manually (not from the script), a clock icon appears on the lamp icon. This means that the automatic mode of the luminaire is suspended.

v4.1.28 (14.06.18)

  • Fixed an issue for searching and selecting items from lists.
  • Fixed an issue with setting the color of the image on the buttons.
  • Added mechanism for running scripts on a schedule.
  • Added a device log in the user interface.
  • Added flags for analog values out of range (skip, error)
  • Added the mechanism of composite channels (state, control – different channels, often used for impulse control)
  • The mechanism of rounding of analog values (actual for pulse counters) is changed.

v4.1.27 (21.05.18)

  • Fixed a bug when selecting devices during linking to channels.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if non-existent modules were included in the list of plug-ins.

v4.1.26 (18.05.18)

  • Added the ability to run the script from the interface button
  • Added the ability to test a simple script
  • The script API is extended – doAll (group operation), assign (direct assignment), info (informing)
  • The ability to use real devices directly
  • Added the ability to add device parameters in scripts and edit them via UI
  • Added a mechanism for informing & sending a test message
  • The table of addresses for informing is added
  • Added pop-up visualization customization
  • Added flags for the device to write to the database
  • Added the API of the plugin commands in the manifest
  • Added error indicator for the device
  • Added Timeline widget
  • HTML editor added
  • Added alerts in the form of a pop-up window
  • Fixed display of the legend in the widget Graph

Plugin Email - v1.0.2 (18.05.18)

  • A service plugin for sending e-mails has been published (E-Mail).

Plugin P2P - v0.0.2 (14.05.18)

  • P2P plugin is published. Allows users to log on to their remote intraHouse servers without dedicated “white” IP addresses.

Plugin Ping - v0.0.1 (11.05.18)

  • Ping plugin is published. Designed to monitor network devices in local and global networks.

Plugin Xiaomi MiHome - v0.0.15 (24.04.18)

  • Added the ability to work with multiple gateways
  • Added commands for adding and removing devices

v4.1.25 (14.03.18)

  • Added a Text widget for Screens
  • Added flag inversion for discrete channel
  • Added the ability to relink devices on the mimic diagram
  • Added attributes of the analog device. Dimensions and number of decimal places
  • Added widget Html
  • Added log list
  • Added the ability to customize the columns in the logs
  • Various bug fixes

Sensors Emulator (10.03.18)

  • Added plug-in for emulating the work of sensors.

v4.1.20 (01.03.18)

  • Changes in the work with geographical maps
  • Changes in the work with the “Navigator” widget.
  • Various bug fixes

v4.1.10 (22.02.18)

  • Added section “Maps”. Placing elements on the map using the drag & drop method with georeferencing.
  • The item selection filter for the “Navigator” widget has been added
  • Updated SD image for download with intraHouse system up to version 4.1.10

KernelChip Laurent-2 v1.0.3 (20.02.18)

  • Fixed bug when working with temperature sensor

v4.1.6 (17.02.18)

  • Added mechanism for loading / unloading scripts into zip files. Now installers of the system can share the developed scenarios

v4.1.1 (15.02.18)

  • Significant changes in the structure of the system and the corresponding changes in the visualization
  • Added the “Navigator” widget. It allows to simplify essentially the organization of transitions between levels (floors) and subsystems (light, climate …)
  • Published plugins: KernelChip, MegaD, Raspberry Pi, Wago TCP, Xiaomi

v4.0.59 (23.01.18)

  • Added mechanism for debugging scripts and plugins.

v4.0.51 (08.01.18)

A beta version of the native application for smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system was released.

v4.0.48 (28.12.17)

  • Added the ability to work with projects. Upload the project to the zip file, download the project from the zip file ..

v4.0.20 (27.10.17)

  • Added a Dashboard with information about the state of the system nn the Project Manager home page.
  • Added mechanism for updating the system.

v4.0.4 (22.09.17)

  • The module of work with graphs is added

v4.0.3 (10.09.17)

  • Added a module for working with MySql database

v4.0.2 (25.08.17)

  • Added a module for working with the log

v4.0.1 (25.02.17)

  • Getting started with the new version of the system – intraHouse Cherry