The concept of visualization in the intraHouse system

The construction of user interfaces is based on three main elements of visualization:

  • Layouts
  • Widgets
  • Mimic diagrams


Layout is the main visualization element.

The arrangement of various mimic diagrams and widgets is done on the Layout.

The number of screens is not limited. You can create layouts for different devices with different resolutions (smartphones, tablets, computers)


Widgets are the user interface elements that are placed on the Layouts.

There are two categories of widgets in the intraHouse system:

  • system widgets
  • user widgets

System widgets: mimic diagrams, log, graph, video.

System widgets are created by the intraHouse system developers and are replenished as the system develops.

User widgets are created by the installer.

Mimic diagrams

Mimic diagram is a system widget.

Premises plans, technological processes, devices, sensors, texts are placed on the mimic diagrams.

Component placement

Variant of placement of the user interface elements is on the figure above.

The number, size and location of the widgets on the layout is not limited by anything.